Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: Is my personal information secure?

A: Although most of our personal information that’s dispersed into cyberspace is encrypted, desktop applications vs online applications take those concerns out of the picture. There is no personal information involved in using the BudgieBoy application except when purchasing the software securely thru paypal.

No personal information will be transmitted into cyberspace via budgie any and all information is stored within your own pc database. You will not be putting in any sensitive information such as credit card, bank account, information, or customer account numbers involving your personal or business budget operations.

Q: I’m having trouble downloading your software. What should I do?

A: Internet Explorer for security purposes restricts the downlad and/or running of files with an ".exe" extension. You may allow our setup.exe program to run by confirming that this program is trusted.

Q: Does BudgieBoy come with any documentation?

A: All documentation available can be either found online at, or in the help file that is installed within BudgieBoy itself by pressing F1.

Q: Why doesn’t my registration code work?

A: All registration codes are paired with your email address supplied to us by PayPal. If you have a problem with the code which was automatically generated for you at the time of purchase then please contact our support dept. at

Q: I use a Windows PC at work and a Mac at home. Is there any way that I can use one Budget file on both platforms?

A: You will need a emulator running the Windows OS in order to install BudgieBoy. Your budget data is stored in an Access 2003 format and can be transferred from one location to the other either through email, thumb drive or any other media. You can find the location of this database by going to File -> Manage Budgets.